Our organic olive grove lies nestled between an ancient Karri forest and the wild Southern Ocean on the Nullaki Peninsula in Western Australia.

Isolated, rural and breathtakingly beautiful. Time spent on this land is to take a pause from busy life. It is to breathe in fresh clean air, salted by the ocean breeze and peppered by tea tree oil from the gum trees. We love this land; its unique Australian flora and fauna which are just as important to us as the produce we grow.

We put roots on our family farm by sheer good fortune. On a day of exploration, with four very small children bouncing along a sandy track, we drove out of a dense peppermint forest onto what is now our grove. An eagle took flight in front of us and we knew we had come home.

And so began our journey. We celebrate clean, real food that goes from paddock to plate with no nasty sprays or additions along the way. Our farm is a family endeavour and labour of love. It started off as a hobby – wanting to know where our food came from and what was in it. Along the way we met local garden guru Simon who, along with his team, became integral to our learning and plan.

Together we researched and followed international best organic farming practises and continue to grow and harvest the fruit according to these high standards. Now proudly certified organic, we nurture 2000 olive trees, passion fruit, an annual garlic crop and an apiary that keeps the grove abuzz with activity.




We grow a wide variety of olives that blended together give delicious, smooth oil. Some of the varieties include Pendolino, Corregiola, Frantoio, Leccino and Verdale. Our mission is to bring you the best quality organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for you to share with your family and friends.


While the olives are the star of our show and initially we grew these purely as a wind break, the fruit is so delicious we had to share. These are available over the summer months. 


In between the olive trees we like to promote biodiversity and variety. We plant garlic in empty rows and harvest it in November each year. 100% organic, 100% Australian – does it get any better than that?


Wild Olive Farm honey is raw, unprocessed and natural. Each teaspoon made is the lifetime work of 12 bees who collect nectare from a wide variety of trees and wild flowers that are abundant on the farm. Worth savouring.


Gold Winner at 2022 WA Olive Awards!

Gold Winner at 2022 WA Olive Awards!

We've always known our olive oil is special but it is so lovely when an independent panel agrees.  We won our gold medal at the 2022 WA Olive Awards- our first time entering so it was even more exciting. The judges concluded our oil is "a well balanced, harmonious oil...

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Healing garlic recipes for winter colds & flu.

At this time of year, it seems there is always someone in my family sniffing and or coughing.  I love winter but we do need some sun!  This is a natural pick-me up. A beautiful soothing lemon and garlic tea- just what your body needs and wants when you have a cold. ...

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